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Sky Runner: finding strength, happiness and balance in your running

This is the first book written by Emelie Forsberg. It talks about her experiences and thoughts as a professional skyrunner and shares practical workout exercises and observations from her life. Because being a trailrunner it’s a whole lifestyle. It’s about the grandeur of both the infinite and the small and simple, about effortlessness and play, about dedication and, above all, it’s about making choices. You can find her soul, her heart and her thoughts in it.

It’s available in four languages and more to come, you can find it here:

The second book Emelie co wrote is called Moonvalley diaries:

Emelie Forsberg, Ida Nilsson, and Mimmi Kotka, all three firmly planted in the world elite of trail running share their diaries. Read their stories and valuable tips on training, racing, cultivating and foraging, try their recipes and learn how you can attain a more sustainable lifestyle in every sense of the word.

And soon in …


New Zeland

South Africa

United Kingdom


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About Me

Runner, skier, hobby climber, moonlight farmer, veggie lover and mum to two girls. That´s me in a sentence!

I´m a devoted mountain lover, and in the summertime I run in them and in winter time I go skiing. When I’m not in out in the mountains I spend time with our two girls, work on our little farm, in the veggie garden, taking care of our animals or writing.

Follow me here with projects, races and my lifestyle on my my way through the mountains!