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A day in February

By February 17, 2021No Comments

Waking up with cold cheeks in an even colder room, I hurry to put on warm clothes and walk downstairs to make a warm cup of tea. February this year is showing us real winter. Snow and cold temperatures. Oh how much I like it.

Then the day starts, and today is one of the days Maj is going to kindergarten.

After leaving her, or saying bye bye depending who drop her off, I start taking care of the animals living with us. Silva the cat, Maui the dog, or the 4 sheeps that hopefully will have their own lambs this spring. As its cold I need to refill their water twi times a day and give them some extra dry grass, or food additives with minerals and vitamins.

Then I make a coffee, and I study, I have been taking a 1 year course in mental strength and psychology. To finish the inside work this morning I answer emails and checking the calendar. We write everything in a shared calendar so its easier for us to plan the days.

Now I’m ready fr some training! I call it training even though its not similar at all to training non pregnant. This day I went on a little more remote summit in our village, and for four hours I enjoyed being all alone out there.

Getting home for a late lunch, and then I start with some projects inside I want to have done before the little baby arrives! First out is the training room, as its pretty bad shape at the moment, not to inspiring. And I think that this spring summer and autumn I will spend some hours in there..

When Maj comes homes from kindergarten the best hours of the day comes. Making dinner, playing and reading.

And when she goes to bed, I almost go to bed to.

Just a February day here at home.




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