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Apple and walnut bread

By October 9, 2016January 5th, 2018No Comments

This is the bread I have been baking the most this autumn as the trees are full of apples and I want to use them!

9 dl-10 wheat flour

2 dl rye flour

1 dl oats

4 dl water

1,5 dl sourdough

2 dl whole barley

1 dl sesame seeds

3 dl apple sauce

2 dl walnuts

3 tbs salt

Day 1:

Mix 6 dl flour with 3 dl water and the sourdough. Let stand over the night.

Day 2 or 3 (depending on your schedule, and how the sourdough is working!) :

Add all other ingredients.

Let stand for some hours, over the night.

Bake it out! Sprinkle on top with sesame seeds or oats.

If the sourdough don´t work, try to add some dried yeast at let stand for 1 more hour!

I start bake it in the owen at 225 degrees (celsius) and I have a pot with water in the lower part of the owen the first 10 minutes.

You can turn the heat down to 200 degrees after 30 minutes. If you have a termometer I would use that and when the bread has 94-95 degrees inside, it´s ready! Otherwise it should be ready after 40-45 minutes.

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