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Goodbye 21, hello 22!

By January 30, 2022No Comments

Even though a year can be amazing, I think it´s always refreshing when a year comes to an end. From the start of a year, when I have been going through the previous ones, thought about what I want to implement in my life, what I want to achieve ( sounds grand but can be very small things), and then in the end going through everything what happend, how it went, and how it felt. That on top of seasons! I love how the seasons are up here. How the dark, rainy, stormy and snowy months come in the winter, when the work is made for the upcoming seasons, when I just dig my head down and do most seasons and not to much sunny glory days. But then when the late winter and sping arrives, the longer and more glorious trainings session are done, and hopefully this year my legs will feel easier as the hardest part of the trainings I´m doing at the moment!

Speaking of wich, the training! How is it going? 9 months after Ylva-Li was born, and after some ups, mostly downs training wise, I finally start to feel that I got a base, or I´m well on my way building one. My body is responding to what I´m training.

This subject is so interesting, so it demands an own post. So that is to come! Promise.

2022 is coming with a lot of changes, and I feel so happy about everything! I have always tried to find the happiness in what is, what I chosen, but 2022 feels great in that sense that I´m also focusing much more on the athlete in me. I have had many years where I felt so grounded in beeing an athlete, so I could spend time writing books, work alot on our farm, being a mum, starting and the list goes on.

Priority this year will be

Finding back the athlete in me.

Everything else.

Always a mum of course!


Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!