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The more I bake the more I learn. About sourdough, how different flour is behaving, the consistence for different bread types etc.

Most ( read all of the time 😉 ) I never use a recipe but when I use good ingredients I measure, in case the bread turns out more than just yummy.

So in this bread I used:

3,5  dl water

1 dl sourdough

4 dl Stone ground wheat flour

2 dl stone ground rye flour

1 dl oats

1 dl sunflower seeds

1 dl flaxseeds

1 dl ground flaxseeds

2 dl grinded apple.

1 spoon of dark syrup

2 tea spoons of salt

Day 1:

stir all the wheat flour together with 2 dl water. Add the sourdough. Let stand over the night.

Day to: The next day it should bubble, so you see that the process is on going!

If it does; then you add all the ingredients ( if it´s not bubbly, try to add some flour and water, and check the status of your sourdough!)

After adding all ingredients, let stand and rise over the day, or cold to the next day.

The consistence should be pretty firm, so it´s very easy to bake out!








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