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The week of routine

By June 14, 2020No Comments

Lately I have been feeling the lack of routines, when everyday looks the same, as we don’t have weekends or week days, even more when Maj is not going to kinder garden yet.

First out we decided to every sunday make a rough plan of the week, training, work time and time together all of us. And during the weekends, trying to slow down a bit, and make the big cleaning of the house on fridays to get more weekend feeling.

Then to kick start my week I decided to just run the same loop everyday. Haha, Kilian says its my scandinavian square thinking, but I really liked it. 5 out of 7 half marathons with 1000 meter climb was amazing. The 6 th day I was a bit tired of the loop, and the last one I ran the fastest to have it done! I had good podcasts to listen to, good music, and most time, I was not tired of the surroundings at all. To spice it up I focus on different km during the run, pushing hard on the flat, steep uphill, unable uphill, technical parts etc.

During the monotonous moments, I get so much time to think, relaxed in the fact that I know how my training will look like. Its always a thinking and planning when working without a coach, but I do like it, sometimes I just need to make a clearer plan to feel convinced that I’m doing my work.

The weekly words. As mentioned before I was thinking a lot when I was running, and some words that felt special for the day, or that I was thinking and exploring in my mind I decided to share.

Monday: Routine.

To create sustainable routines, that is good for me, to change some that is taking more than giving. For example I have been starting to plan my days a little bit more, to separate time training, time for other kind of work, and time to be off.

Tuesday: Resistance.

When we are in a flow, and everything is working smooth, there’s not the feeling of resistance in life. But when it comes, I do like to think of it as a slow uphill that I just need to get through. I try to focus on small moments, short distances to take it step by step. And the more we train on it, the easier it is to feel only a light resistance that gives life some more dimensions.

Wednesday: Comparison

When would comparison be a good thing I was thinking? A concrete example might be from a company view, the revenue, year by year? If not I don’t have any good example for when it can be good. Never ever compare yourself to any one else. Its only you that carry all of your life in your own backpack. I have been pretty bad with this, when it comes to compare with my former me. How much I could train, and how much I can train now. When it comes to balance, recovering, and inspiration.

Thursday: Kindness

Always always be kind. To everyone and yourself. This is a constant work, when it comes to be kind to me. I want to be happy with what I do, and to feel that its enough. The hard part is that one can always do more, but is more always better? I can also be quiet judgmental, but I know it, so I’m trying to have as open mind as possible. And I have become much better on this!

Friday: Direction

Finding your own direction can sometimes be tricky. I´m sure everyone has gotten some moments in life where they took a big turn, thrower oneself out there. Those moments are life changing and so scary. To ask oneself am I happy where I am now? If not, what is the opposite of this? To think about a change is often the start to a change as I see it. Just knowing you are on your way, even with tiny steps can make one happy. If change of a direction is what you want so to say. Standing still can also be just perfect.

Saturday: Grounded

To have a steady ground is so important, and I think about it even more now when I see Maj growing up. I want her to love herself as much as I do, to feel perfect from the inside out, to have the courage to be just as she want. I can’t say that I always have been feeling grounded, but I have been feeling that I always feel secure and happy when I get to have the nature close by, to spend time out there, to work with the environment I surround myself with. There I have always felt like I belong. And to belong somewhere might be a good start to feel the roots grow to make you feel grounded and stable.


Sharing is todays word. Today I did not think to much during my run, I was trying to focus on every step to run it as fast as I could. But I’m so happy to be able to share small and big things, happy, challenging, nonsense and everything in-between with all of you. I need to remember that this is my space, my journal, and to embrace all the wonderful connections and feedback I get from many of you. And to not overthink some less nice comments.

I love to share my runs with friends, even though most training are done by myself, if we are not on a training camp. Maui is probably the one I run the most with now, and he always makes me happy! He joined me on Mondays run, and when we came to the snow after 10 km, he got crazy out of happiness. I think he thought my purpose was just to go to the snow. The rest of the week has been to warm for him to join.

Anyway, thank yo for sharing this with me.



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