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Saffron buns with almond and orange cream

By November 20, 2015January 5th, 2018No Comments

The classic saffron bun for christmas or Lucia is my favorite. I can eat so many of them! The tradition is to bake and eat them in December, but I want to start earlier. So here I made a variant with almond cream and orange, so it´s an exception 😉


3,5 dl milk ( I used 2 dl old cow milk and 1,5 dl rice milk)

1 egg

1-1,3 liter wheat flour

150 gram butter

2 dl sugar

1,2 gram saffron

a little salt

10 gram yeast dry yeast (I normally use fresh yeast but I had not at home!)


150 gram almond paste (almonds and sugar, I buy it)

50 gram butter

The rind of one orange.

How to make them:

Melt the butter and add the milk add then the yeast when the liquid is around 38 degrees celsius.

Add saffron and sugar

Add the flour ( try around 0,9 liter first and add more and more until it´s enough, should´t be to firm the dough, but not loose either..!) add the little salt and work the dough.

Let it rise and rest for 1-2 hours ( sometimes I do the things for 2-3 hours and it works as good :))

Roll out the dough ( put some flour under)

Spread the butter on the dough

Then I tear the almond paste and the orange with a grater on the dough.

Roll, and cut!

Let them rise and rest for another 30 min- 1 hour or sometimes I bake them immediately, depends on your schedule all works OK.

To make then shiny, place with an egg and topp it with some chopped almonds!

Bake them at 225 degrees for around 15 minutes (depending on your owen, sometimes faster sometimes longer!)

I made pretty big ones that I putted all together in a tin, so it becomes like a big cake.





Perfect for November evenings 🙂






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