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First international race  was Zegama, and I was happy with my preparations, much more distance than previous years, I felt like it could never go worse than last year.. But it did. Sometimes its hard to know why, but evaluating and some time after I think I had a very bad day, maybe also in the combination of a little lack of faster and harder trainings.

I felt very comfortable the pace we started in, I was really thinking, this is a good pace for a long race. But maybe it wasn’t. Yet! I think the combination of little to fast pace, and the lack of electrolytes, made me cramp early on. I drank a lot of water to get it away, but that only resulted in 1 liter of water jumping around in my belly. So, it was a hard race. Rough start of the season!


The second race was Madeira Skyrace and I didn’t have to much expectations, on there weather, my capacity and the course. But oh what everything was so nice!

We had great weather, so I could finally see Madeiras beauty, and the course was amazing. Up and down, higher mountains and deep forrest and even running/ swimming in a river.

I felt good to! I had salt tablets, so no cramps this time, and I Felt like I could push pretty good almost the whole race. Until the last 30 minutes I was in the lead, but finished 2 with 30 seconds up in a 7 hour race!

Now its time for me to do some of my projects I have in mind! Some mountains in the alps, and then the famous Kungsleden trail- kings trail, through the northern part of the Swedish mountain chain!


Let´s go!



Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!