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Skiis and November!

By November 18, 2013No Comments

Last year I got caught on skimo. I love that I can do so many more mountains then I could do with my old gear- telemark skiis. I love the feeling of moving light and smooth in mountains and to feel fast- exactly what I love about running in mountains.

It can feel strange that I didn´t try skimo for real until last winter, but I was satisfied moving around with my telemark skiis. I guess I wasn´t too slow, then I would have needed to change earlier..

I´m not a very good skimo girl,  but I do love it! I remember a skimo race I entered some years ago, I had been able to loan light skiis and I had no idea how to put them on. When the start went off I still had problems to figure the binding out. After some minutes I had the binding under control and I started to chase the ladies in the uphill. I was a bit angry about the trouble I had so I guess I went fast on the anger soI caught them.. But I lost them again when I needed to fix the skiis another time. And I caught them again.. 🙂

Hehe. That scenario is very typical. Even last year I struggled a lot with the technical moments. Conversions, changes with the skins and manipulations.Last Winter I wasn´t too bad on that, I just wasn´t fast.

So this year I have the ambition and the inspiration to train a little bit on the technical bit. That is also good to have with me when I´m out there in the wild mountains. It´s always good to feel comfortable and to know the equipment well.

So right now I want to train skimo.

I also want to just go out there cruising mountains, walking slow in the uphills and playing around in the downhills.

The cross country tracks are also very good now. I like those kind of skiis aswell! It´s a magic feeling to fly in the forests with skate or x-country skiis!

And then it comes to running.. I have one race left, TNF 80 km in 3 weeks. So I can´t just stop running. I said to myself that I need to have at least 1 or 2 good running sessions every week.

November is a tough month.. 😉


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