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By November 12, 2013No Comments

I was asked for a school project about characteristic that I value high and I need to admit that first I was sighing a Little becasue I had seaid yes to answer. But then I realized it was pretty good to print down and to think about.

Overall I think almost every characteristic are needed in a group and in a society. Contrasts and differences is useful to divide and move forward with opinions and such. But there are also some that I don´t think is needed at all. Like malice, envy and deliberate evil.

Anyhow. Here are some of the qualities I listed as I found important and those that I´m reaching for.

To be humble!

To be open minded- to not have any preconceptions, except believe that people mean well.

To be wholeheartedly- focus on what you do right now.

To be positive- trying to see the best in every new situation.

To be curious- it will take us forward!

To have self-awarness and self- confidence. I think it´s important to have almost the same amount of both..

To be honest.

To be empathic.

To be independent. (That doesn´t mean you can´t ask people for help!)

To be loving.
What do you think and what qualities do you reach for?


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