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It was with a open mind I walked to the start line of gran canarias maraton. I really didn´t know how my body would react to run 42 km after 3 months of no running. I was thinking that I should just test and see what happened, and I realized that I must think that I actually could pull out. Because if I would feel something that wasn´t right, some part of the body that disapproved or just the fact that I have had fever and a cold two weeks before this race I needed to see that as a possibility.

I was a bit afraid. Because I don´t want to push my body to much. And because this was a new experience I wanted to do it slow and thoughtfully. And I am soo happy I could do that. To be honest am I proud of myself! I didn´t think about positions and I didn´t have a time I wanted to reach. I just wanted to explore a new part of me and my training.

Crossing the finish line as the first woman!

Crossing the finish line as the first woman!

The race was wonderful and as always in Spain the ambience is fantastic. The atmosphere to share with all the other runners is such a great inspiration. It´s excitement, curiosity, fascination and humility in the air. I love to share all this!

Today my body feels good. Tired (so tired!!) but no ailments.

The running season has started and I´m delighted!20130302_195000



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  • Viktor Winterglöd

    Härlig premiär Emelie! Öppet sinne och starka ben, fortsätt så.

  • Nice experience and nice blog, it looks great, simple and beautiful!

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  • Brehcist

    Congratulations Emelie!! Fantastic race and awesome result for your first race of the season. Hopefully you’ll be back in Canary Islands soon

  • Hiiiiii! your blog is great, I’d love you to join my websites, and you put my link on your site, and so we benefit both.

    I await your response to


  • Marco the “Soulrunner”

    Hi Emelie,

    your Blog is great. Amazing Pictures and great Articles.
    Congratulations, what a fantastic Race.

    Best wishes

    Marco the “Soulrunner”

    from Germany

  • Marco

    Bra jobbat!! Om du gillar att springa i Spanien väntar vi pa dig i Trail Aneto (