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Mission impossible?

By October 1, 2016January 19th, 2018No Comments

Im back home after a month in India. I have been running a handful times there, on average around 3 km each time.. The yoga teaching school was intense with a big schedule form 05 in the morning to 20 in the evenings. I didn´t have time or energy to run! And when I made up my mind with that it was OK. Pretty special to not think about running. Just focusing on yoga, philosophy, and anatomy and teaching techniques.


I came back home to Scandinavia last weekend. I was suppose to run a 30 km Swedish race, but I ended up being an volunteer giving out chocolate treats with my sponsor SEAT. That was good. My knee would not have been super happy rushing into that race.

And talking about the knee, it´s fine 🙂 no problem, just a little less muscle around the knee, like vastus medialis and quadriceps.


In the early spring I said yes to the Swedish federation to run the WC in Portugal October 29, there were many reasons I said yes. The biggest ones was that the women’s team is pretty awesome. Mimmi Kotka ( who jut won CCC) and Ida Nilsson ( who had an incredible summer, winning everything) we realized that this could be big for Sweden and the trail/ ultra running community.


Anyhow. Here I am, 1 month of no running, before that just coming back from running after my rehab, and now I have 3 weeks (!) to get in shape.

Is it possible?


I will give my all. I have made a plan. And I think it´s possible, IF everything goes like the plan is written.. But we all know that that´s pretty rare..


In big lines my training plan will look like this for 3 weeks:

2 big days

4 days with double sessions. 3 of these sessions will be specific training. Faster and harder.

3 sessions of rehab.

1 easy day




I need discipline for this !

Wish me good luck 😉


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