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Just some thoughts right now..

By February 11, 2014No Comments

I wrote before about my goal to finish the whole world cup in ski mountaineering this winter. I was so devoted to the goal so I even struggled through the second world cup with gastroenteritis. And then they postponed the third world cup and I had meetings booked so I couldn´t make it. I was so disapointed. I lost my goal for the winter and with that a big piece of my motivation and inspiration. It sucked. When I have decided to complete something, I get grumpy if something happends that makes it impossible.
When I came to our home for this winter, in Lyngen, Norway I got happier again. I love beeing home! Baking, to fill the freezer, making jam or syrop of the berries that I picked during the autumn. I love fixing things in the home. I love to read books, play guitarr and work on my computer.

Home is a special place! During the summer my home was in the alps, I had races almost every weekend. When the base is in the alps the travelling is ok, I didn´t take too many flights and we could share a car to the race. Here I can´t imagine to go racing every week. It´s to far away. And that is pretty good! It makes me spending time at home. Some months of the year it´s important for me to be more in one place. To feel really like home. And this winter it is in Lyngen.

IMG_2683Anyhow, my motivation is back. And decided to take the winter more easy, maybe something good comes with that too? Maybe I get more eager to do more skimo next winter?

I will still make the world cups that are left and the feeling of beeing disapointed has disappeard. Goals changes but the good thing is that it´s only a goal. And it´s easy to make new ones. And pretty fun to have space to think about new ones!

Cheers from the lovely north,




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