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I guess it´s just to start

By September 12, 2015No Comments

I read some really nice and inspiring blogs actually only Swede´s and now it´s more or less only 2 I read



They are in short description about there way to live there life as they dream to do.

When I read them every now and then I can long back to my days when I really wanted to write, to share a new experience, a dream a little piece from my everyday life.

But when logg on to my blogg to write, I immediate get  disappointed and discouraged, I have not been writing for months! So many things I have not been writing down.

And usually I just logg off and do something else.

But today, maybe today I get to start to write again. I hope my motivation come back for good! I really enjoyed it before.

And as I always say to non runners; why don´t you just begin? It does´t matter how long time ago it was!

Now I say ot to me.


Here´s one of my favorite dinners: almost everything from the garden!

Carrot, potatoe, onion and beetroot soup with lentils. Homemade bread with nuts, seed, dried fruit, chickpea, rye and coconut flour. And a green salad!


And if you can recommend some nice blogs, let me know :)!


Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!