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Apricot, goji berry, rye and nut bread

By September 14, 2015No Comments

This recipe is the first outcast, because when I bake bread I just do it. Without recipe. But I will get better to measure because sometimes it turns out good so I can share it with you!


I made this bread mainly because I wanted to prepare a soup to dinner, and it was saturday so I wanted a little bit more. A little more luxury 🙂

The base was 5 dl liquid (I took 1 dl old milk I needed to use and 4 dl water) To this I added 25 gram yeast.

I added :

Rye, chickpea and coconut flour. The biggest amount was Rye flour. ( I also had an old sourdough at home which I added, but no need to if you don’t have it)

Salt, a little honey. Hazelnuts, para nuts, and walnuts (I chopped them into small pieces), sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Gojiberries and dried apricots ( which I chopped to smaller pieces).

The dough should be to quite mushy. It´s easy to handle when you make small buns of it after.

Just try, freshly made bread never taste bad 🙂

/ Emelie



Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!