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Good bye winter Hello summer

By May 7, 2015No Comments

Searching the shadow under the warm La Palma sun I´m thinking back to the winter that has just finished. The 2 year as a elite ski mountaineering and so many new experiences. This season I took a step up in my racing and also my training. I feel stronger than I have done before. I didn´t change much, I think my body could just absorb the good training in another way than the previous years. And that is what is all about to get stronger, the continuity, to keep going, year after year.

For me to be able to do that the 2 seasons is so important. I can´t imagine a year without snow and skiis under my feets. This will keep me going for many years I believe.

Finishing Mezzalama, the last ski mountaineering race of the year only 5 days ago, I will take on Transvulcania this Saturday. Yes I´m nervous, and I maybe even more when people believe so much in me. I´m grateful for that but also I get a little pressured. I know I´m strong, I just don´t know if I can run for 8 hours! With only about 10 runs this season it´s hard to believe that can do good.

From Mezzalama I have the best feeling; I could not believe my eyes when I realized we could win that amazing race. It´s pure ski mountaineering in that sense of technicality, and high mountains. I almost feel like I could finish my carrier. Hehe. But still it´s so many nice races to do.

I´m so happy to have skimo in my life, before I started with this gear I was out in the mountains on telemark, but it´s so much nicer, lighter and faster to go with skimo gear!

And the more I have been practicing this sport the more I realize how incredible it is.

It has it all. In the upphills you need to have a good technique and a strong heart. You give absolutely 100 % in the uphills and even though you almost see stars you need to handle the downhill. Offpist, you need to find a good line and just go. Even though the legs are burning!

We get to go to remote and technical mountains and to see the most beautiful views. It´s a very versatile sport!

IMG_7013Well, let summer come along and the running legs with that!



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