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To avoid injuries ?

By February 17, 2015No Comments

I sometimes get the question about injuries. How come that you can avoid injuries with all the races and training you do?

I believe that my background as a child, youth and grown up has made me resistant (Of course everyone can get injured even though you do everything to avoid it, I have been lucky as well). As I grew up in the 90´s my playground was the hills and the forest. As I grew older I did many sports, and to get to the X-country ski tracks, the football court or the swimming hall I needed to transport myself. I didn´t have parents who gave me a ride everywhere. It was hard then, but now I can see that gave me a good base.

From 6 years old to 15 years old I was very active in different kind of sports and at that time I needed to choose a direction when the school started to demand more of my time. I choose the mountains and the nature. Climbing, skiing and running took over my free time. Until I was 21 climbing was my thing. I loved it! I was traveling the world to see new crags and mountains. I was running and skiing as well, for the pleasure and as a training base. Also get further to see what was behind the mountain I just climbed.

When I was 22 I got really hooked on running. (In the mountains of course)I just couldn´t stop! I read everything I could read about running, about building knee strength, how important it was to be strong in the hips, core and what to eat and so on.

I did summits and I did long traverses and all kind of running! For 3 years I ran more and more just because I loved it. When I look back to the notes I have about training the hours, meters and kilometers are slowly increasing during those years.

It wash´t until I was 25, (3 years ago now..!) I started to race. Both summer and winter. With a good base build up year after year, slowly increasing the amount of training.

I think that increasing your training fast can be very efficient, but I believe that you need to take extra are to avoid getting injured.



My slow increase in training- that is my long answer to why I have not been injured. (pepper pepper take on wood). Also my passion for baking which keeps me in a good weight.. 🙂

My tips:

1.Get strong in whole of your body- skiing, going to a gym, climbing, working outside in the garden. etc. Do some excersises for knees and feets and hips. (Google exercises for runners and you´ll find good ones 🙂 Do this once in a a´while! It makes good.

2.Increase the training in a way that you feel comfortable with, not in a way to get strong before a race. Races will be there forever, but the process of building up strength is now.

3. Continuity. Keep the passion for training and running! If you don´t want to train for some day´s don´t do it if it takes more than it gives, if you come back with more energy and motivation after the rest that is better. Over the years if you have the continuity you will be STRONGER!

4. Eat enough food. Not to much, not to little, find  a good way, listen to the body.


All this is easier said than done.. But it´s good to keep in mind. I try to do it !


/ Emelie



Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!