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Following the fall

By October 5, 2015No Comments

After a long season it feels relieving and pretty amazing to be in the end of it. After finishing the 110 km Ultra Pirineu I knew I had some weeks to recover and to only train as my heart told me to.

This time of the year is the most peaceful for me. I know I have time to recover and to get new energy and the most important, not to stress into the ski mountaineering season as I always need to do in-between the winter and summer season.


This is my vacation of the year and it is so important. In previous of my 3 years as an full year athlete I thought it was hard to take this time as rest and vacation. I thought I had vacation the whole year. I know now after much more experience of training and racing on a high level that it is hard work. It´s wonderful and it is all I love, but it´s not always easy.

Like everything it has beauty and roughness. But as long as the beauty wins, then it´s just to follow!


In October I will only train a little, some hours now and then to keep strong. I also take time to just be. To sit in front of the fire without books, without phone and computer and just let the thoughts wandering away, thinking about projects, goals or dreams.


Autumn is also the time for berries, mushrooms and the beautiful colors of the forest.

This is peace for me.


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