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By September 27, 2015No Comments

I´m adding a log to the wood burner enchanted by the fire that is burning. These logs, that warms the whole house. The log storage is full and it is feeling of pure luxury.


I´m home where I grew up, where I as a kid was running around in the forest, by the sea on cobble stones on the wild green moss on the wet bogland. It´s a small village where I´m right now are almost alone.

I cycle to the sea, walking in the forest looking for berries and mushrooms and coming in to the warm house sitting in front of the fire.

It reminds me of my teenage. I spent a lot of time alone, especially during the summer when I didn´t go to school but my family was working. I was alone with my dog for weeks. I spent my days strolling in the forest, reading books, just thinking or working outside. Or when I was a little older, cutting the wood for the winter. That was my favorite thing to do. Every now and then during the summer my grand father drove me in to the small city to meet friends or play football or basketball that was fun to meet friends. But I never considered me as lonely. I just loved being there. I didn´t miss anything and I felt like I had it all.

These thoughts flickering my mind when I enter another log to the fire, ready to go upstairs to sleep. Feeling warm and lucky inside to know that it´s gonna be warm tomorrow when I wake up. And missing the feeling of being the one that had cut up all the log. But those luxury day´s will come again soon. J


Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!