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Sourdough, chickpea- beetroot, lingonberry, walnut, hazelnut, gojji berries and coconut bread

By October 9, 2015No Comments

And that is not even half of the ingredients..

I love making bread with a lot of nut´s seeds and gluten free flour. But I almost never exclude 100 % wheat.

Here the base is wheat sourdough, but maybe just 0,3 liter dough.

So here is the recipe of this vitamin filled autumn bread 🙂


0,3 liter sourdough (this was a new sourdough, had only been standing for 2 day´s so I added a little extra yeast, but for this kind of bread it´s almost not necessary)

0,4 liter water

Here comes the difficult measure, I almost never use measurements. So this is approximately:

2 dl chickpea flour

2 dl oats

1 dl coconut flour

Hazelnuts, walnuts and pumpkin seeds altogether maybe 1,5- 2 dl

2 table spoons of beetroot powder

2 tablespoons of lingonberry powder

a little salt

a little honey

Gojjiberries and fresh figs as you prefer. I took ca 3 table spoons gojjieberries and 5 fresh figs.

I baked it at 180 celsius degrees for around 13 minutes.


And when I do this kind of bread I make them in this shape, otherwise it´s easy to break into small pieces when you cut it. So in this shape it´s easy to experiment with different kind of flours and seeds.



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