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Recipes from a mountain lover

Favourite cookie!

By February 18, 2014No Comments

100 gram butter ( I prefer butter when I´m in the north, just becasue I love the feeling of trying to eat what we can find here)

0,05 liter wheat flour(0,5 dl)

0,05 liter cocoanut flour

0.2 liter oats

2 spoons of raw sugar

100 grams of dark chocolate

0,05 dl hazelnuts

1 table spoon of baking soda



Warm the butter a little, it should not be melt just soft.

Chopp the chocolate and the hazelnuts, stir everything together.

Putt hem in the owen for 12-15 minutes at 175 Celsius degrees.

I have tried different variations of this cookie. I´ve had coconut oil instead of butter and coconut flour and almond flour instead of wheat. And that works out well swell. For those who have something against butter and wheat.. 😉

Sometimes I use a little more wheat flour or oats to change the consistent of the dough. The more you bake the more you understand the dough. Anyway i hope it will work out well!



I love to have this at home. Enjoy!


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