When you don´t write for long, it´s hard to know where to begin. But sharing almost daily on social media, a few of you might have followed along anyway!

But where to start?

My projects I did during the summer?

How the recovery was going after?

The weeks when I was so crazy tired?

When my energy started to come back?

Our vacation?

My thoughts?


Lets´start from the beginning 😉

This summer I had the motivation to do my own projects. Mountains, where it all begun for me. Before I started to race, I spent so many years climbing, running and skiing on my free time and I wanted, needed to go back to my roots! After 6 intense years of racing throughout the year, countless of races ( 20-25/ summer and winter, short to long to vk to ultra) I felt like I needed a break. Not that I don’t enjoy racing, i did a few, and I love it. But I just did not have the little extra motivation for it.

So I planned to try my endurance on Galdhöpiggen ( Norways highest mountain), Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Kungsleden.

Galdhöpiggen was on skis, and I’m happy to have perform well there, even though the conditions was not the best. I made tracks the day before, but still had some track to open during my attempt. So far I still have the fastest time overall! 1.45 up and down.

Mont Blanc.

As I have been living in Chamonix, and waking up for years to the view of this pearl, and as I have been skiing and running up it many times, I wanted to give it an official go. I have done it before, from the tunnel, but now I wanted to start and finish by the church in Cham. Gosh, it was hard. I came straight from Norway, so I was worried about the altitude, my pace was slow in the beginning but I could push hard the last 1000 meters. Coming back down I was so mentally tired, as well as physically. I love feeling this. All the focus going up, finding the best and safest way, same time as pushing as hard as you can. NB: I had company over the glacier, roped together.

Monte Rosa!

2 days after my MB record it was the skyrace Monte Rosa, up and down from Alagna. I had in mind to try to come close or even try to break Gisella´s record that was as impressive as 5.34. As it was a team race, I knew it was gonna be hard to find a women who I could go as fast as I wanted to with. The only option was Kilian, and not a bad one either 😉 I love spending time in the mountains with him. As I really thrive and can push myself really hard on these kind of terrain it felt good to have him, as I know that even if he has a bad day, I will not need to stop or wait or anything. So we had a good day out, and as I wanted to try the record, I was in the lead all the time. I could not believe my eyes when we came down to Alagna again after 5 hours 03 minutes. 3 team overall.

1 week after I started my biggest project of the summer. Kungsleden. a 450 km long traverse during the northern part of the Swedish mountains. When I was 20 I had a plan to run it n 10 days.. Now I made a plan for less than 5. And I was so excited and nervous!! For sure I had done long days and ultras, but not for 5 days in a row! This experience needs more than a few sentences. It was a huge mental and physical experience that I learnt so much from and will never forget.

Our little baby is for sure the youngest to have been part of all these records..!

Soo, the tiredness.

As I did all my projects in a very short time frame, I knew I was gonna be tired. And so I was. But I never really got less tired, and I think it was from the pregnancy as well. But my! I have never thought it was this kind of tiredness, I’m used to be tired, physically, but this was something else. For weeks I wanted to do nothing more than just lay down.

Then I started to have more energy, and could train a bit better. For sure it was frustrating not to be able to train as much as I want when being an athlete its my work. But slowly I just accepted it. I will do my best, in the way that my body and mind can work with. I can’t do more. I could run and train as normal, but I experience that I got lactic acid very very fast. Like crazy fast. In a uphill I normally can run easy I could not run more than a few minutes without feeling the lactic acid arriving. Same when I did gym work. I have no answer to this, I have asked physios and my doctor, but nothing.

One part of me thinks that my body is just so smart so it really tells me to take it easy, and this is the strongest way to do it. I mean, I did a lot of heavy runs, so maybe my body just told me to absolutely take it easy now! It was also hard to accept, but no other way. My iron levels etc was still really good. Even vitamin B and B 12. I have had plenty of controls and everything is good 🙂

The vacation in Himalayas was wonderful. I couldn’t go as high and fast as I normally want, but just to be there, disconnected but connected to what is right now was the best. 

Now I’m home and will train as much as I can. In a few weeks I will go to Tignes with the Swedish skimo team, and it will be great to be in a environment filled with training! I’m feeling good, but I have also learnt to not plan my training to much, adapt, take it easy. I’m doing a little more strength training than I normally do and that feels good. Running is still ok, but skiing feels better.

Tell me! What do you want me to write about? I have been thinking to write more, as I did before, but getting out from a routine is easy, but into one is harder..


Have  lovely weekend!





Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of moonvalley.me. Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!

  • Núria

    Hej Emelie! Vilket fint inlägg! Jag är nyfiken om hur har ni tänkt göra med alla era språk och bebisen! Ni har ju svenska, katalanska, norska och engelska! Det är en riktig gåva för barnet att kunna så många språk och kulturer! Säg till om ni vill ha tips! vi är en katalansk& tysk familjen som pratar engelska och svenska och bor i Stockholm. Sonen är nästan två och pratar redan katalanska, tyska och svenska, även om han blandar mycket 🙂 om du vill lära dig mer katalanska rekommenderar jag webbsidan parlo.cat, min sambo använder den och funkar jättebra! Salut! Núria

  • Laura

    Thank you for sharing your lasts months! It is really interesting to see 🙂 I’d like you to talk more about how you experience being a professional athlete, I am sure it will break lots of stereotypes and will help many other women who are pregnant and love sport ! Good luck!

  • AstridDM

    Hej Emilie! En mulig forklaring på din tendens til at “syre til” (lactic acid) i musklerne når du træner høj-intenst mens du er gravid er, at din baby “stjæler” oxygenen i dit blod, og der således ikke er så meget tilbage til dine muskler. Dit muskelarbejde bliver derfor anaerobt (uden ilt), og et restprodukt i anaerobt muskelarbejde er laktatsyre. Klem og lykke til med det hele!

  • MountainLover

    I really enjoyed reading your latest Blog-Post. Love your style of writing and also the pictures added.
    I would like to know more about how it is to manage a farm and I am also really Looking forward to discovering new recipies 😋

  • melanie_sakowski


    You’ve been a golden star in inspiring me for years. Congratulations on your life milestone and celebration of bringing a child into the world!

    “One part of me thinks that my body is just so smart so it really tells me to take it easy, and this is the strongest way to do it.”

    Truly, our bodies communicate with us so beautifully. I have something called Hypothalamic Amenorrhea: loss of period (12years) due to high cortisol.

    I would love to read more about your journey with self-acceptance, learning about listening to your body’s wisdom, and connecting with yourself. (Learning self-compassion, and compassionate self-inquiry is something I am working on).

    Bless you,

    • Emelie

      Thank you Mel! I appreciate you following along <3 Somehow my intentions to write more always slips away, even though I often think I want to share this and this!

  • Ruth

    It was very interesting reading about your last few months, you’re a busy woman. I saw the film about Killian “Path to Everest” at Mountains on stage in Dublin, Ireland. It made climbing Everest look like a day hike. I’ve done Stok Kangri in India with Earths Edge and realised that altitude doesn’t suit me. Altitude makes everything so much harder. Congratulations on your pregnancy, you and Killian will be great parents. I treated myself to your book: Sky runner on amazon and can’t wait to read it. Best of luck, keep up the blog.

  • Ervin Bartis

    Hi Emelie, I don’t think you need to write about anything special to make it worthwhile for us to read it. Little glimpses into your training, your cooking, managing the farm might not seem special for you, but for us it offers an interesting view and insight. Some personal thoughts could be included as well 😉 but I totally understand that you need/want to limit what you are sharing.

    I enjoyed your book a lot because it shows your personality in many ways and the fact that your life is not just running, but you have a well rounded fields of interests. I did a number of recipes from your book, I wish my kids would enjoy it as much as me 🙂 I managed to “sell” them Kilian’s favourite biscuits, just because they are Kilian’s favourites 🙂

    Keep up the good work and hope your pregnancy will be easy!

  • Nik Hamilton

    I was so inspired by your FKTs this last while!! Way to go! Such cool achievements. I remember being superhumanly tired at the beginning of pregnancy too…it’s not the same as being tired from exercise for sure! Unfortunately for me I couldn’t run after a while, it felt bad, but skiing, biking and climbing still were great right until I gave birth! I had to become very adaptable to not run but when I started running again (it took 9 months for everything to feel good again) I was so excited I ran so much more and better than ever before! With your access to physiotherapists, doctors etc. it would be interesting to understand the effects of pregnancy on the body of athletic women and how to help the body get strong before and stay strong during pregnancy from that perspective! There is not much information in the public sphere on this. I hope you enjoy the winter season and the rest of your pregnancy and I look forward to hearing about your future projects!

    • Emelie

      Thank you! Yes indeed its not a lot of studying on pregnancy in terms of athleticism and not to much concrete help on the way back, but I guess its so individual!