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100 miles and 100 smiles..?

By October 25, 2013No Comments

When I think about Diagonale des Fous I can hardly breathe. Those steps I took along that course gave me so much. I have never ever struggled so much with my mind as I did on that race. At kilometer 100 I went in to the aidstation and had in my mind to pull out from the race. People there told me NO, and even thou I really wanted to quit I just couldn´t think of a reason why? And somehow I ran out from the aidstation with a great feeling- I had overcame the feelings of quitting!!

But. It didn´t end there, I had those feeling over and over again. I just knew deep down that I wont quit. Unless I get a real injury. Because why shall I quit? It´s hard but it doesn´t kill me. I´m tired and need to sleep- but that doesn´t kill me. I needed to continue as long as I could run.

And somehow I reached the finish line of my first 100 miler. I don´t have enough words to describe the feelings. It was bigger than all my races I have done before. This was just something greater.
Now my season has comes to an end. 775 km and 39 000 meters of ascent/descent of racing ! Now almost a week after Diagonale I feel very good both in my mind and my body! We are born to run in mountains! About the recovering I must say I got very surprised. I felt like I had done a “normal” race the day after. I Think maybe my mind couldn´t follow my body?

Now I have spent some days resting but I start to long to jump back on my skiis again. But before that I will take some more days in the sun with resting and recovering and collecting energy before I go back to the Winter!


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