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By May 20, 2014No Comments

It was so long time ago since I wrote an update.

I finished my winter in the wild mountans of Lyngen. The time spent there was wonderful. Just wilderness, really nice people we meet, mountains that we climbed, mountians that we need to come back to.

Lyngen became a spot i can call home. That is a nice feeling!



My winter was good, I raced skimo worldcups and placed some podiums. I have much more to learn and much more to progresse and that is motivating and keeps me eager for the next winter too.


But as always when the winter is long, i don´t start running until the first race. This year it should have been Transvulcania. But with a fall that cut my hand in pieces I just couldn´t continue. The red cross persons was just to strong, i couldn´t get out from the ambulance..

I was thinking that I could continue for 6 more hours and then take care of the hand but looking back I realise it was a good decision from them to keep me from continuing.

Thank you.



For sure it´s better for my next race Zegama marthon 25/5 that i wasn´t finishing TVC but with the operation, antibiotics and fever I just couldn´t trained so much.


To say that Zegama is a goal for me wouldn´t be fair. But I know that I will enjoy every second of the race. It ´s a magical race.  It was my first skyrunning race ever!


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