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Two medals and recovering mood!

By February 21, 2013No Comments

Emelie brons 1Summer ended, then it was time for some rest, then San Fran 50 miles and then the start of the ski season! The past years I have been skiing telemark when I have been in the mountains wintertime. But this year I decided to try ski mountaineering.

And I love it. So much. It is a feeling of freedom. You can move light, fast and easy. And I decided to try some races. I started out in Norway, and won the Norwegian Championship! Then I tried a world cup and then I decided to go with the Swedish national team to the World Championship.

I didn´t have any goals with races. Because I felt that I needed to take a rest from racing after the long summer. But when I realized I had good possibilities to reach top 5 my fighter started to wake up. Okey- I´m new at this, I don´t have the best technique, I´m not fast in transitions and my experience was non-excistent. But I wanted to do my best!

And that takes a lot of energy, especially if everything is new for you. My mind was as tired as my body after every race. I ended the World championship with two bronze medals! It is over all of my expectations.

Now I´m home in Sweden. Yes, I am Swedish even though I live in Tromsö, Norway. I am in the mood of rest. I have the will of just relax. Take it easy. No plans. And I think this is what I really need before the running season starts.

And when does the running season start? It starts in 9 days!!! I´m gonna run the marathon on gran canaria. I´m excited. And after that I´m heading with a few of my salomon teammates to New Zeeland to visit my dear team mate Anna Frost.

But after that I´m going home to Tromsö again, so then it´s winter again..I kind of like this time of the year when I can do both!

Keep in touch because the running season is hear !!

Take care and all the best to you,


The best feeling to share with friends after a race when you gave all you had.

The best feeling to share with friends after a race when you gave all you had.



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