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These morning runs

By May 31, 2016No Comments

I´m waking up, take on my running shoes and I just go out for a short morning run.  I´m a little sleepy but  as soon as the wind and the fresh air touches me it wakes me up.  Today 25 minutes was enough. It made me land in the new day and welcoming it with an open mind, not a mind that start in front of a smartphone.

Coming back home, eating breakfast and getting ready for the day I realize how much I missed these short waking up runs. This gives me flashback to many years ago when these runs made my day before university or work. It reminds me how much I loved getting out early in the morning, just to have this energizing wake up.

Right now rehabing from the ACL surgery this is kind of all I can do. When I´m training intense for a race summer or winter, these morning runs never really made any sense. But I think I need to get my head around it. Because they do. At least for some days a week.






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