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12 weeks after the ACL reconstruction

By May 15, 2016No Comments

First I want to thank all of you that are and have supported and encourage me the whole way. 12 weeks is still not enough for being fully recovered but now is when I feel almost whole again. Sometimes I can´t remember which knee that is the operated one..! (it lasts for some seconds.. 🙂  )

I wrote before a blog post from 0 to 3 weeks after the operation and after that it was pretty slow until week 7 or 8.

I had a setback with hamstrings, that took 1 week to recover (I pushed to hard to soon on a exercise) Week 7/8 I felt like I had more energy to start cycle and to be out walking. Then week 9-10 felt like it was standing still. But now, week 11 -12 it´s amazing how good I can feel! (All is subjective though.. 4 months ago, feeling like this would be a disaster.)

I have been cautious, not pushing the knee or my muscles or my cardio training at all. Sometimes I wondered if I have been to careful. But who knows? Until now it has worked. No doubt my shape is very bad, and sometimes thoughts of regrets flicker through my mind concerning cardio training, that I should have kept it up.

But I think I wrote it before, I´m not the person who can force myself to be in the gym 2 hours on the rowing machine or the indoor cycle. Maybe I should have? Anyhow, now I can start to build the cardio again.

Directly after the operation we moved from Chamonix back to Norway. I was a little concerned about finding a fysio that I could work with. I´s a very small village and I knew it would not be as convenient as if I still where in Chamonix where the best fysios concerning ACL rehab can be found.

I was very lucky to get a fysio who had her own acl reconstruction, but I could “only” meet her 1-2 times a week. Compared to other athletes who normally meet there fysios almost every day, it felt to little. But I couldn’t really do anything about it as that is how it works here.

What really has meant a lot for my progress and mind is that I have been lucky to work with Jacob.  ← (see his page!)On Instagram @yogawithjacob He is a fysio and a yoga teacher. I contacted him to get some tips how I could continue with yoga during the early stages of rehab, but it than developed into a perfect mix of rehab help and yoga. All my questions concerning rehab, how it works, how does this tendon, this muscles and why this and why that, all those small questions that pop up doing rehab I could get answer from him. It is reassuring for the mind to have some one who is experienced and educated to work with. Also that he is a yogi is very inspiring. He´s way of looking to the whole concept of body and mind is for me the perfect way. For the first time in my career as an athlete I feel like I almost have a coach, and it´s awesome. It´s pretty cool that almost everything can be done online now, having a coach, yoga lesson, meetings etc.

Just because it has meant so much for me to work with Jacob I want to make a shout out for his online coaching, either individual or he also got group coaching. If you feel like you are missing something or just want to change your training/yoga/ rehab/prehab or a combination of all I can highly recommend to reach out to him. I found his yoga lessons very inspiring and educating.

So to end this: I start to feel that I´m coming back! I can do some easier running, the longest I have been doing so far is 25 minutes..And its wonderful!

I continue with 2-3 gym sessions every week, my hamstring is still very week, my quad are coming back but the Vastus takes a little longer time. I do some specific jumping/coordination stability exercises and I try to train cardio a few times per week.


And I long to get back to this! GOAL! ↑


Happy Sunday!









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