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Searching and finding

By October 13, 2013No Comments

It´s soon time to leave to La Reunion. My thoughts about the race I want to try are so many. 100 miles. Over the whole island. The race is called Diagonal des fous- the maniacs diagonal. A race that probably will take more then 30-35 hours. If I even finish!
Right now I´m resting after a race and my thoughts is flickering back to April last year, that´s when I tried racing in skyrunning the first time. Racing for real the first time. I had never ever thought that I wanted to run a 100 miler at that time!
And when I´m thinking back to this summer, I realize that my calendar have been big.. And what´s most important is that I actually have been able to do everything that I want to do. That makes me happy. I have realized that my long days in the mountains make me strong in 50 miler races. I have also realized some of my limits. This summer I have also tried my first 100 km. That was a very hard race for me, mostly because of the high altitude and my lack of acclimatization. And today, only 2 weeks after I had a 24 km race planned. A race when I needed to be fresh.. I wasn´t to fresh. But if I have never tried to run a 100 km I will never now how I will feel after 2 weeks, right?
This is what I love! I learn so many things. Small things but they will make me more complete in my running. For sure to run many distances makes it harder to be good in everything.
This summer also made me think if I will try to do only shorter races next year. In one way it would be good, because I will have the same conditions as most of the other top-runners. But that doesn´t really get me in a happy mood. I really love every distance I have tried. So I think I need to continue to do exactly what I have done this summer. Yep it can suck sometimes when my legs are not as fresh as they could have been if I would only have raced more similar races. But hey it really doesn´t matter!!
Today´s race was hard for my legs as I mentioned before, I couldn´t push. But afterwards it felt like this was all I needed to get fully recovered from the 100 km race 2 weeks ago.
But I am I ready for a 100 miler?
I don´t know! But if I never find out if I never try! And I know that the hardest part will be not to finish the race, but I hope I have the guts to do even that.


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