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November light

By November 11, 2014No Comments

November, when you think about the month in itself, convey a greyish and rainy feeling. The trees without leafs, the sky who often seems to be grey, the lack of snow and the hours of light that disappears into the winter sleep of the sun.



Despite all this, that sounds pretty dull, all this has something so beautiful. And the light is amazing. It is fighting for it´s way up over the horizon, the sun ray´s who is sprinkling lightly through the bare branches and might touch the red rowan berries that is the brightest colour in the nature in November.


And the beautiful mornings with the magic November mist that slowly lingers over farmland and open fields and disappears in the same pace as you finish the morning coffee. I do love this time of year up here.




Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!