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New Zeeland

By March 17, 2013No Comments

nz-relayWhat a dream it has been. Wonderful landscapes and wonderful people.  Almost 2 weeks ago Greg, Francois, Rickey and me from team salomon arrived in Dunedin in NZ. NZ is Anna Frost´s home country and we where there to visit here and to explore new trails and inspiring landscapes.


We explored some magic trails around Te anau. Kepler trail. We ran with light backpacks, slept in a hut and ran the rest of the trail the day after. I love spending time in the mountains with good friends. Nothing better then just be out there. No computers, no phone just ourselves and the mountains.


We had so many lovely mornings. That´s my favourute time of the day. Morning coffe and then explore what the new day can give to you.


We ended the trip with a relay race at Tarawera. I was thinking to do 60 km alone, but then I decided that 60 km is too early in the season for me. i´m sure I could have done it, but it wasn´t worth the risk. Tarawera is not a interesting race for me even though it was beautiful trails. But I struggled with the motivation. It was in a nice forest, but not technical and not mountains 🙂

I did the relay with francois and Rickey and Anna did the race together. We had a lot of fun!


That´s for now!
Take care and love the running!



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