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I do believe that it´s always good to look at the bright side. Maybe I´m to good at it, and sometimes I forget to think about the side´s that are not as good as they can be.. But if we´re open to see what´s not that good, it´s easier to improve.

Things I want to improve:

Travelling, I want to decrease that amount: Flights- Make a better plan for the racing season. Car- try to use less, try to plan better with busses train, etc. Less speed in highways.

Only eat organic food. Not be lazy about that. Try to eat less imported food. More season vise. No half fabricates!

Be more open-minded, generous, and friendly.

Be less grumpy if things doesn´t work out the way I want them to do.

Improve my concentration.

My planning in general. Training etc.



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  • i agree with all you wrote
    my foundation it’s to eat food not cooked and or transformed,
    my “diet” equal oilseeds, cereals, grains, vegetables from my garden, home made yoghurt, sprouts an so on
    if you look in a supermarket, every food has the package and has undergone treatment, this means energy expenditure
    while eating foods that have not undergone this cycle, means taking all the nutrients and energy as well as save money

  • I love your blog and your writing. Welcome to the USA. Run fast on Saturday!

  • Great points Emelie, your wisdom exceeds your age by a long shot..good for you! Best of luck this next year!