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By January 13, 2014No Comments

I just finished a small skimo session and I´m in the warm, sitting and drinking a hot chocolate. The winter is here for sure and has been here for  a month more or so. It has been here longer but for me, the real winter started at that time. When I putted away my running shoes.

In the summer I was thinking that I wanted to take the winter as a resting time. Not focusing on skimo and just to do a few of the worldcups. But all these hot chocolate-thinking-afternoons have made me realise that I want to focus! I want to really try to improve in skimountaineering.

I want to have goals!

This is very exciting for me. Becasue it is the first time I feel like I want to put races as goals. And not only races but to put improvements as goals.

Concrete and neat. Have I achieved x this season? Yes or no?

It feels like i have figure something out! Something that a lot of people have had before but i couldn´t really apply it on me. For sure it is a bit strange that I have not had that before, but maybe it is becasue I´ve only been racing on this level 2 summers. Maybe I needed those summers to realise that it´s not so bad to have goals and to try to focus more on them.

Or I´m just slow and lazy. Anyhow, I cant wait until the first world cup is coming up! The 18 of januari is the first!



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