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I just finished a small skimo session and I´m in the warm, sitting and drinking a hot chocolate. The winter is here for sure and has been here for  a month more or so. It has been here longer but for me, the real winter started at that time. When I putted away my running shoes.

In the summer I was thinking that I wanted to take the winter as a resting time. Not focusing on skimo and just to do a few of the worldcups. But all these hot chocolate-thinking-afternoons have made me realise that I want to focus! I want to really try to improve in skimountaineering.

I want to have goals!

This is very exciting for me. Becasue it is the first time I feel like I want to put races as goals. And not only races but to put improvements as goals.

Concrete and neat. Have I achieved x this season? Yes or no?

It feels like i have figure something out! Something that a lot of people have had before but i couldn´t really apply it on me. For sure it is a bit strange that I have not had that before, but maybe it is becasue I´ve only been racing on this level 2 summers. Maybe I needed those summers to realise that it´s not so bad to have goals and to try to focus more on them.

Or I´m just slow and lazy. Anyhow, I cant wait until the first world cup is coming up! The 18 of januari is the first!




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  • the way to increase shape, pass through climbing new steps
    you can’t think to improve doing always the same training plain
    even if to change it’s the most difficult challenge
    but i guess you know it well!
    go ahead!

  • You have been improving every year. You had a huge year with a lot of miles. You can spend some time resting. It all depends what motivates you. Don’t push yourself into something that you won’t like.

  • Niklas

    GoGo!!! Goals are part of your evolution to become better. As long as you do what you love and have fun along the way you will improve, then the key is to chose a way to to be able to have even more fun and the races and medals will become huge bonuses. Often the the way/road is the goal and the finish a bonus. Wish you all the best!!!

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  • May you keep one goal just a little out of reach so you always have something to strive for, Emelie. Enjoy the chase – and good luck on the 18th. Goal No. 1 🙂

  • Lotta

    T’as tout bon Emelie ! Forza !!

  • Michael Lawler

    Excellent! I have made my new goal to dial in my nutrition to help support my running.
    Thank you for posting your race-energy recipe.

    I hope you achieve great things this year!

  • go for it kiddo <3

    • Russell Thomas

      I like Goals also – keeps me in focus. I was hoping for UTMB but another rejection so its the Bob Graham Round (UK) for me …