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Since I started racing for Salomon (3 peaks april 2012) I have felt that every race I do is something new and that I am a newbie on the race. For sure I have not yet repeated any race, so so in that way I am new to the races. But can I consider myself as a newbie with a racing calendar the last year contained more than 20 races?

I don´t know. I love racing and I feel very comfortable and not stressed at all. But I always feel very new and not very structured at all. People ask if I have a strategy or how I have prepared for this race and always need to make them disappointed, I have not a plan, I have not a strategy and I´m not prepared.

Maybe this sounds like I am very nonchalant. But I hope I am not and those who knows me now that me as a person is not nonchalant. I think I just am the way I need to be. Anyway. My approach to a race is to take is as it is. I always want to be fit and strong so I never have so big ups and downs in how my fitness level is. So normally I just go to the race and see what I can do with what I feel that day.

My first big race of the year is coming up the 11 of May. Transvulcania! 84 km and a lot of meters to climb. In some ways I can ask myself why I choose to start my season with this long race. But in other ways I can just nonchalant shrug my shoulders and say- it´s only 2 marathons.

Well well.

I think I am ready for my second season in this wonderful running world. And I will let myself being a newbie to all races I have never ran before..And I still will be open to learn new things in races, couse every race can teach you something new. So maybe everyone of us is new to all races in one way?

All the best!


The happiness after a race is such big feelings.

The happiness after a race is such big feelings.

Mmm. Food is important. Sweets aswell..

Mmm. Food is important. Sweets aswell..



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  • Ann Olsson

    Du borde komma till Alaska och göra Equinox. 🙂 Dom har även et Ultra marathon..

    Jag tokgillar din blogg. Massa inspiration och fina bilder även på din facebook sida.

  • Palmer

    If this post is regarding the radio interview (I heard it!), don’t worry! People outside your world might not understand your way of life, your way of run, or even your way of compete, so their questions might be wrong at first :P. I had asked you: how many tons of chocolate you eat a year? Have you ever did a downhill like a rolling stone?

    I will run (mmmm mostly walk!) the Transvulcania this year after 8 years of my last ultra. I will follow your advices and enjoy! Good luck and I hope you like our island 😀

  • Shaun Pope

    You have a pretty awesome style at taking things as they come, stick with it and kick ass. Racing is always a fun way to push beyond your normal Saturday routine, whether its success or not

  • Corredordemontana

    For someone who doesn’t seem to have a strategy or specific race plan, your “fresh” approach seems to be working well, Emelie. All I can say is….Don’t ever change!

    All the best with your future pursuits.