End of the summer thoughts

By September 18, 2014 17 Comments

So it has been long time ago since I updated my blog. It´s a pity because normally I like to write about small things and big things. On my Swedish blog I have been better but as I have 2 blogs I get lost and loose the inspiration for writing, But I probably will quit my Swedish blog and make a Swedish blog here, so that might make me better posting things.


Anyway, the whole summer flew away fast! Races and races and some good day in the mountains has disappeared to memories.

I´m happy with my season, and can´t wait until next summer actually! I have not lost my inspiration and motivation and that makes me really happy.

For sure some races has not gone as I wanted, and my weak sides shows on them. And those sides of me I want to improve and I have them in mind. But I think it will take time. For me things get better when I don´t stress things.

As for the last summers I have done distances from 1 km to 100 km. And that´s what I love. I love the contrasts. Some people ask me why I do this, some even tell me it´s bad and ” – It´s not everybody who can be like Kilian” to make all distances good. I´m not doing races because I want to be like some one else. I´m doing different races because I love it. So comment´s like that, is unnecessary.

Even though it feels like the summer season is finished I still have some races left. Short and fast and some verticals. For the love f it!

Last weekend the last race in the ultra sky running serie, The RUT took part in Montana. It was such a beautiful place. Before I got there I had 2 weeks when my legs was really tired. First from KIMA, where I ended up running one more hour loosing the track and the disappointment who suck so much energy from me. Then race directing in Tromsö! That was such a big pleasure, but it never gave me the time to recover after KIMA. We started marking the race just the day after and we worked many hours that week. My legs was heavy for those weeks, I have actually never felt that way before.

So when I came to the RUT my ambitions where low. I doubted that I could even finish the race.  We started slow and I thought I had Ellie Greenwood in front of me. So I tried to catch her, but I didn´t need to when they told me I was the first woman. So I just stayed in my pace waiting for Kasie, Frosty and Ellie to catch me, as they normally are stronger than me when it comes to non technical running.


When the technical came I got happy and inspired so there I could keep a good pace and put more minutes back to the ladies. I think I had 12 minutes down to them at that time. 12 minutes is nothing if you are not inspired, and I thought that they could catch me in the end when the course had around 12 km of non technical running. When it comes to that terrain I really need to dig deep to run fast. It´s a week side of me. The weak side is that I´m a bad flat runner. I never find the inspiration to run flat and I´m really bad on doing things I don´t feel motivated for!! I am thinking of solutions to this.

Anyway I could keep the lead to the finish line which I was so happy for! The victory also gave me the victory in the world series of ultra distance in sky running! I guess I had a little energy left in my legs. 🙂

Now I have some days of resting because the tiredness I felt the last weeks needs to have some time to disappear. I will enjoy the last of the summer season and spend a lot of time in the mountains!






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  • David

    Hi Emelie, first time on your blog… saw a video on the Salomon channel and the things you said about your feelings while running in the mountains felt so true and inspiring. Even got goosebumps, and that’s a good thing.

    I’m pretty sure that if you keep on running, even in races, with that same attitude, this will, in time, help you also with your “weak points”.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience!!

  • Luis

    Hi Emelie,

    I have been following you on fb for some time now and I enjoy all your posts. You are such a talented girl, with so much energy that I look up to you for inspiration to keep me going during my own training efforts. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.


  • Indika McCampbell

    I love following your adventures whether they be running or not. Your attitude and love for nature is so inspiring. I’m a ultra runner who recently feel like I’ve lost that passion and spark for running and remembering that sometimes even elites like you go through peaks and valleys of emotion help me pick myself up! Love your smile and attitude! the work needs more of you 🙂

  • Adrien

    hi Emelie,

    Im really fan of what you do and what you did and your mentality about the spirit of running! Keep the good work with blog and photos 😉 we support you!


  • Catherine Poulsen

    Hey Emelie,

    What a fantastic year you’ve had so far! Your fans are all in awe of you! I’m here really just to say thank you. You have no idea how special you are, truely. Your the kind of person who changes lives, mine being one of them. I remember like it was yesterday when I saw you at Resegup storming down the final stairs to that sensational win. In that moment something changed in me, I’m not sure which element it was; your untouchable strength; fearless willpower; confident smile, I’m not sure but whatever it was it got me out skyrunning the very next day! I quit smoking after 6 years of smoking a pack a day, and now I train regularly in the Italian alps. Thank you for being YOU Emelie! You are my hero!

    It’s true, not everyone can be like Kilian, but not everyone can be like YOU either! I can’t wait to see how many records you smash next year!

    Take care,


    • Emelie

      Thank you, and what inspiring to hear that you could quit smoking. So proud! Hope you are feeling good to!

  • Andrew

    Thank you for sharing your honest reflections, posts, pictures and experiences. They inspire me and remind me why I run in the first place, to find the enjoyment, the feel and the passion that got my feet moving in the first place. Enjoy your rest time! It’s well deserved, and congratulations on winning the championship!

  • cyrie

    yay emelie! you are amazing and have a great attitude!

  • Paolo

    Hi Emelie,
    Read your comments about this season is a pleasure. When you describe all beautiful places that you have visited permit me to smell nature and mountains. Thanks a lot!!!!

  • VJ

    Hey Emelie,

    big fan from Czech (currently in Canada), I admire all projects and races you do. But don’t you think it’s little bit too easy just to try to talk yourself out of race with all this inspiration stuff?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love technical parts much more too, I guess I am pretty similar type of runner and I do get your points of view about inspiration in mountains and technical. But almost every sky/mountain race has some flattish parts without technique, so just to say that it was hard to find motivation/inspiration for last 12 k so because of that it’s hard to run fast… I think it’s not possible to run fast on flat maybe because “we” are just not so fast on flat. I think motivation/inspiration to run fast in this moment is just to get to the finish line first (I know that it’s not main point in mountain race, I am talking about this moment). Sorry for my long comment, I am just curious, no offence – really. I am a big fan.

    • Emelie

      Hi! Oh yes for sure, i see what you mean. I thought i just made clear that im not a good flat runner and that is a weak side of me. In addition to that or in relation to that I dont run flat, which makes it hard for me to improve.

      • VJ

        Sounds good. For me, I am just slower on flat and that’s the fact. And the reason is also lack of flat training, not lack of inspiration during the race (maybe the reason is lack of inspiration to do flat training 🙂 guess, it works same for you). Good luck for the rest of season, enjoy mountains Emelie!

  • Catharina

    Emelie, fortsätt att vara den ödmjuka person du är, följ ditt hjärta med dig själv, din sport och din kärlek. Du inspirerar en “gammal kärring” som mig bl.a.! Tack!

  • Chris

    Emelie. Your strength seems to come from your inspiration when running in the mountains. In other words your body responds very well to your mind. You are very good at what you do and I hate to imagine you having to drag yourself out of the door for some speed work on the flat. I think if you stay motivated by doing what you love you will see success. You are young and there will be time to improve other aspects of your running when you are inspired to do so. Have a great winter!

  • Jari

    If you’ll quit your Swedish blog at I hope they – and you – can keep your old blog texts and photos still there as an archive. It would be a pity to loose all that, from Oct. 2011 to Sep. 2014.

  • Tine

    Emelie, du er min største inspirasjon når det kommer til løping. Du virker så utrolig rolig og jordnær, det er beundringsverdig.

    Tusen takk for at du deler så mye med oss fans, slik at vi kan få inspirasjon og glede av dine oppnåelser 🙂

    Håper du vil fortsette med å inkludere oss gjennom sosiale mdier som instagram, face og her.. Det betyr mye for meg 🙂

    Stor klem fra Norge

  • Ralph from the Nehterlands

    Question for Emelie:

    Hi Emelie,

    When i’m slowing down or feeling tired while running I think about your smile and joy for running and that keeps me going. Sometimes I need that, even in the “Dutch Mountains”.
    But one question: why do you wear your sunglasses in such a special way (on the picture above)

    Thanks Ralph