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Disconnection from the real

By November 28, 2013No Comments

Many times everyday I get reminded about how we treat the nature and environment .Recurrent times I think about what to do and how to change. It is hard to think about because sometimes I feel helpless.

I have been writing about being aware before. It is a way to start to care. And when you care you start to feel connected. And when you feel connected you take care and you start to love it. Then you treat it the way it should be treated. When we are in this stage we we´ll be met by the feeling that we can do anything, infinitely for that what you care for.
Like love.

Have you heard about deep ecology? I am found of the thoughts of the Norwegian Philosopher and mountain climber, Arne Naess (1912-2009) He created the deep ecology.
Here are some basic elements in this philosophy:

1 Everything has an intrinsic value in itself, independent of what it is.
2 Everything has the right to realize these values
3 Humans must lower the standard of living radically to meet 1 and 2
4 We must change policies and structures to meet 1 and 2
5 The quality of life is more important than material standards

If we cared more and if we started the change from there I think we could make a sustainable living. We need to start somewhere to get the big crowd with you.

Another important part of how to change is how we think about the time. We are so busy ALL the time. Of course we don´t have time to go to do recycling, take the bus instead of the car, to make our own garden, repair our clothes, take the time for us to go outside to get recreation and exercise. Time to make decisions that doesn’t only gives benefit to ourselfes.

Time is all we really have and we need to ask ourselves is this what I want? Is this direction I want in my life? Do I want an everyday so far away from the nature, from what is for real, from what is that actually gives us the opportunity to live?

I can get scared when I see people so disconnected from what the earth gives us. People who doesn´t know how a cow sounds. Who doesn’t care about where the meet is coming from, how the animals have been treated or if the transport is from the other side of the world. I can get afraid when I hear people rather go in the gym running on a treadmill instead of running outside. When people doesn´t care about trying to decrease the impact they have on the climate.
I think that the disconnection from the nature is the worst for our environment.
I´m not a saint myself. But I am aware and I am in love.


Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!