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A thousand words…

By October 29, 2012No Comments

This picture tells a lot.

How I feel about long distances. Excitement. Fascination.

This year has been a year with so many new excperiences. This webpage will tell you soon.

Now I need a small break before I start to prepare for North Face 50 miles in the beginning of December. I´m starting to look forward to that. Templiers made me wanna run fast. And long. I just hope that I can eat more during NF then I could on Templiers.

I´m happy with my race. Happy for Nuria who showed what a ultra queen she really is. Happy to get to run with Queen Lizzy Hawker and happy to meet Maud Gobert.

Keep in touch! //Emelie



Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!