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What makes us happy?

By July 18, 2013No Comments

Happiness is a basic foundation in my everyday life. For me there are many ways to experience the joy in the everyday life. It´s about finding the happiness no matter what daily situation you choose to be a part of. To be satisfied with what you are doing. When I went to university or when I had a fulltime job, I tried to find the balance in the time I had. To work hard and spend hours inside, studying or working has a big pleasure- If we choose it by our hearts. I think the freedom of actually choosing what we do, and realize that we actually choose something is one of the keys to be satisfied. Otherwise we need to change. And I think for most of us in the western countries where we have all the basic that we need to survive, we have the possibility to make that change. We just need to take the decision. For sure it´s not always easy and comfortable but it´s worth a try in the long end.

For me, these days, when I´m not going fulltime to university or have a fulltime “normal” job, I sometimes need to, for myself, justify how I spend the most of my days. How do I help this world to be a better? Do I make any difference? For sure I have been thinking in other ways to occupy my days but I chose what I do today and most of the time I´m satisfied with that. And the good thing is that we can always start going in another direction. If I realize that I´m not happy with what I do and loose the balance with what I think is worth for being alive I change and search for other ways to find it. I think to make a difference we need to be happy, to be aware, and to have energy. Today I have the possibility to take time. I have the time to do small things in my everyday life,that might contribute to a healthier world. And maybe that´s my key right now to be satisfied..? To live what we preach. To give the world those small things we do better in the everyday life- maybe that can make the difference? I think so.

Just the other day I was talking to a friend about being aware. In a world that we go from work, home to the computer, to an aerobic pass, to watch TV and so on I think it can be hard to be aware of other things than just the things that occupies our time. When we don´t even take the time to make ourselves a proper dinner scares me. I think cooking is a time to be in the present, it  aloud you to think about the day, make reflections, maybe think about where the ingredients actually came from and how they got to your home is worth the time we take from TV or computer. Maybe this is a small thing, but I think if we start thinking more like this, maybe we become more aware. Aware of how we live, what we live from, how we going to take care of what we live off and maybe think about how lucky we are that we actually have ingredients to make a proper dinner.

My conclusion of some of the things that makes me happy:

The freedom of choosing.

Satisfaction with the everyday life. This can be many different things.


The trust in that small things that can make small differences in the whole picture.


Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!