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I get many questions about training which is great. Training is interesting. To be inspired to get tips to be motivated to try something new. Me for example love reading other runners favourite trainings, or reading about running/skiing in general. For you who have followed me a while know that I have not had a plan with my training. It just happend that I started to race 2 years ago. Until then I just moved in mountains becasue I loved it. And of course I did it faster or slower and sometimes eneterd a ski race or a uphill running race or sometime I longer race aswell.


During my first summer of racing (2012) I didn´t change anything, I moved around in the mountains when i had time and did the races I felt for. It was everything between a vk and an ultra. But at that time I always felt a little scared before running a long distance race. Last summer I didn´t change my training to much either. I had the time to do longer days in mountains, so that was mainly my training. Because I had the possibility to do what I loved the most! To move around and see new mountains. Maybe you wonder why I say ”moving in mountains” and not running. It´s becasue it is such an easy running and also scrambling I do most of the time. For sure the heart works in uphills but it´s not gassing all the time… I know that some people think it´s strange that I call it moving. But that´s just what I call it. Most of my training is moving actually.


My summer 2013: It was a great summer. I did what i loved, so to say, every distance! I managed the ultras very well. I felt always very comfortable during those races and for sure after a ultra you are a little tired. I was recovering pretty fast so I could do the shorter races that I wanted to. Even though I felt not as comfortable during those races. So what have I learned? To be honest I need to do shorter and faster training. It will not be only moving in mountians. Becasue my weekest side from last summer is that I was afraid of beeing tired. I mean that kind of tiredness that occour in shorter races. That is a little of my training philosophy. I want to improve the sides I´m not very good at. Even though that is the hardest. My training right now is that I try to focus on 3 session/ week (focus to improve my VO2 max) and rest of the time moving around in mountains. And at least one of the times I try to ”move” faster.. 😉



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  • great philosopy for a famous trail runner like you
    but that’s the way i love too, moving and discovery it’s the fundamental of enjoy life
    and in your case, it seems anyway to produce a lot of important races results too.
    your greatest fear about ultra must be injury, that become very frequent in such a long distance
    take care!

  • Great to read about your training. It will be exciting to see you and Kilian running this summer!


    Sinceres paraules!! Sortim i disfrutant, ja ho deia el mestre…

  • Joel Roman


    How do you improve your VO2 Max, can you tell me some specific training session or especific excersice that works well? Thanks from Dominican Republic!

  • Thanks for sharing your way of training!

  • embiem

    Love this way to train, easy as put on your pair of shoes and go out seeking new paths and trails. Time does not count while you’re out there, in my opinion it’s all about how good you feel being there.
    You’re a great inspirational person! All the best for this season!

  • Noe_Ona

    Thank you Emelie! You are inspiring! 🙂