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The “Hardrock 100” cake

By July 24, 2014 13 Comments

When Kilian finished Hardrock 100 I wanted to be there celebrating with him, but due to another race I had in mind to run myself I could´t be there.

So I decided to bake him a cake, and what is better than a big tasty chocolate cake to someone who loves chocolate.



0,2 liter brown sugar

0,1 liter white sugar

0,1 liter of honey

4 egg

0,3 liter milk

0,5 liter flour

0,15 liter raw cacao

3 teaspoons baking soda

2 teaspoons vanilla sugar

1 teaspoon salt

200 gram dark chocolate

200 gram butter


250 gram dark chocolate

0,3 liter cream

1 teaspoon butter

Set the owen at 180 degrees

whisk butter sugar and honey.

Add the yolk

Add all the dry ingredients

Add the milk

Add the chocolate ( melt it before)

Add the egg white (whisk them hard before)

Use round forms, and now you can chose if you want to make 3 or 2 cakes, I did 2 bigger ones. If you make 3 it will be more glazing on and in the cake, which is yummie! Bake in the owen fro 15-20 minutes, less if you make 3 cakes.

The Icing / Glazing

Warm the cream, it shall almost boil.

Add the chocolate

Add the butter

When the glazing is cold it´s easier to spread on the cake.

You spread the glazing in-between the cake layers and on top of the cake.

On the top of the cake I garnished with summer berries.








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  • Ray Tindall

    mmmmmmmm Looks delicious, in fact after my first Ultra I am going to make it!! Thanks Emelie

  • David Suárez

    I’m gonna die crushed by hardrock cake. Thanks Emilie

  • pebbleshoo

    Looks so good Emelie! Thank you for sharing your secret recipe. Will I be able to run as fast as you if I eat loads of this cake? I’m going to try and find out 😀

  • Isabel

    I will have to make this!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. You’re awesome! I hope you guys enjoyed the cake 🙂

  • Aline

    Looks delicious! How much time in the oven?

    • Emelie

      Sorry I forgot that, I updated it, thanks! 15 – 20 minutes!

  • Ksenia Pantiavina

    Emelie, Hi 🙂 Tell me, please, 01 liter of honey or 01 liter shugar – is the same as – 100 gram? Thanks)

    • Chris

      yes, 0.1 liter = 100 grams

  • Ksenia Pantiavina

    Thanks Chris)

  • Ksenia Pantiavina

    Emelie, sorry. Its me again)) one more question: what % should be cream for the topping?

  • Brunilde

    Hi Emelie, thanks for the recipe. But how much butter do you put in the cake ?

  • Ferran Gall

    Wow Emelie!!! I’m thinking about Kilian’s face when he saw it….