As a high level athlete, ambassador, influencer it comes responsibility, it comes days to work with sponsors, and with media and community. I don’t mind that, its part of the work. But to find the balance can be tricky sometimes.

Last year for example when I finished my book, I handled a lot of the work behind tromsö skyrace, I had my own project, and at the same time I should have switched from skiing to running, and I didn’t make it and on top of this being a pro, and handle what comes with that. It was some tricky months, and I think I almost got a bit burned.

Right now I feel a little the same, I feel a little pressure over my chest, like my time is not enough for what I want to do and should do, what I want to give back to all those who are supporting me. I need to take a step back, but at the same time I cannot. I have all planned. I need to make some things.

I want to be able to make more events, meet more of you who are following me, and when I do I really like it. I´s incredible to meet so many, to have a little talk about running or whatever that we have in common, and I try my best to give back as much as I receive, but I think I can never make it as the energy pointed towards me is much more than I can give back to every single one, you know what I mean?

And I think that is what makes me drained. It feels like I can never give back the attention that it so loving towards me.

And it feels like I can barely speak about stress, as I “should” have the easiest peaceful way of living.I mean I live on the country side, and I don’t have a “normal” 7-4 kind of work.  I have learnt many years ago that I don’t like to have to many dishes on my plate ( Swedish expression), I think you get what I mean. But sometimes it´s hard to say no.

I tell myself that I do enough, that I can say no, but I also now that the more no I’m saying the harder it is to work with me.

My solution?

I donat have one, but for now I will mentally prepare, I will ease my mind. I will focus on the thing I love and need to do: Train. At least for 1,5 week I have a little less on my plate. I hope this will build up my peace and make space for the summer that are coming.

Lot´s of love XX




Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!

  • Tyll Voigt

    Hej Emelie,
    thanks for sharing your open and honest feelings in this blog! I hope there are many many active people reading this as it is really “good” to see that also superheroes and supertalents sometimes reach their limit!
    I have been (or still am) in a very similar situation after moving job, language and country (funnily it is Sweden 🙂 ). I used to run to work along the coastline and through a small forrest and I loved it! It gives me energy for the day and gets rid of any stress even before starting the day at work. But after the long winter and all the other things “on my plate”, I didn’t even have enough energy for my runs and that makes it even worse.

    As I also tend to say “yes, great idea, sign me up” to all sorts of things (particularly sport events), I now try to slow down and pick out active time to do absolutely nothing. It seems to work although it takes some time.

    Good luck in re-charging your batteries, you will need all the strength on the beautiful mountains!
    Keep sharing!

  • Stress is tough and feeling like you have all these demands which are real and sometime self imposed is a challenge. I do know the more time outside is better with your hands in your soil or in dough baking bread. One has to slow down and take some time each day for yourself. You will never be able to give back if you don’t give into what you need. It is challenging being a professional athlete and meeting all the requirements that come with that job. I know we all enjoy hearing about what drives you and how you love the simple things in life! Find that space and time for yourself!

  • Hellen

    Take care en time for yourself…you give enough showing your amazing smile en show us tha it is okay to take time…feeling again that it is enough you do.
    Feel the energy again by doing nothing special, just train, be on te farm en enjoy the lovely people around you. Have a very goog weekend!

  • Witlox Witlox

    Good tip: say no to things. No is also an answer when given clear and on time. Not even with a reason. People understand.