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Spring time

By March 21, 2017January 19th, 2018No Comments

The last blog post I wrote was the one about goals. And one of the goals this winter and spring was not just about competitions and training. It was about what I had in mind to do after the world cups.

I made myself a promise to break up the season after the World Championships and after Pierra Menta and so I have done. I will do one more international race, Mezzalama one of the Grand Course races.

I knew it was gonna be tough to not do the last world cup races, as I could have fought for a victory in the overall, but it feels so good to stand by my words.

Because it´s a summer to come as well. And even though I love to have two season I can sometimes feel stressed when I´m to far behind every other runner preparation. I know I should not look how other train, but sometimes thise feelings come anyway.


Well, back to now. I´m very happy with my winter season. I won a vertical race, wich was one of my goals. It felt so big when I told a friend about it, I mean, I´m not a vertical person! I train long, and not that hard as it seems like you need to do. But I mixed up the training a little, and it worked. I´m also happy with 2 silver at the world champs! And the win at the mythical Pierra Menta.
So now I´m at the moment when I´m home for some weeks. I will start to prepare the running season, I will work in the garden, work around the house and prepare a project.




It felt long whe I did the planning, but It´s actually only 3,5 week from now until I leave for Mezzalama. In 3,5 weeks I will have some time to run, to make some local skimo races, go home to Sweden for a visit, join 2 mountain festivals and write on my book.


Bring it on!


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