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Saffron buns – Swedish Lussekatter!

By November 17, 2014No Comments

Saffron Buns – Swedish Lussekatter

This is a typical pastry we make in Sweden in December. It belongs with dark snowy afternoons with candles and hot chocolate. It can make me wish it was winter the whole year, just so I can eat lussekattter all the time!

Actually on my first long run I did, 90 km in my early twenties I brought this pastry with me as fuel! The picture is from that run 🙂




200 gram butter

3 dl sugar

2 gram saffron

5 dl milk ( I always use fat milk and organic, of course 😉 )

1 table spoon greek yoghurt or kvarg

2 egg (one in the dough and one after on the buns)

50 gram yeast

a little salt

17-18 dl flour



1 Melt the butter and add the milk so the temperature get to 38 degrees.


2 Add saffron, sugar, 1 egg, the yoghurt and yeast and stir.


3 Add the flour and salt and work the dough so it becomes smooth. Either in a machine or by hand.


Let the dough rise for around 1 hour. Set the owen at 200 degrees


4 cut the dough into 4 pieces and roll into an oblong shape and from there cut in in pieces and make the shape of a lussekatt!


5 let them rise for another 40min-1 hour


6 Glaze them with an egg and add 2 raisins / bun


7 Bake in the owen for 10-12 minutes.







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