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By February 4, 2015No Comments


This would have been the month with a huge amount of training. It would have started the 27 of December and finished kind of today. Because today is 3 days before the World Championsship in Skimountaineering start!

So what happened?

First of all we go back to October November Deecember. My season finished the 14 of October, and lord I was tired. I could go on for 1 hour but after that I lacked energy and motivation. I realized that a big break was needed. For 2 years I have been running many races both in summer (and doing ski races) in winter, without any particular off season. But I felt the time had come for a big rest!

So I did that. Of course I was in mountains, Himalayas first and then at home, but not training. Not even moving, which is the status on most of my trainings. You know what I mean when I say moving? This is running in a pace which is much much lower than your maximum. Almost walking.

November flew by and I didn´t miss the hard trainings at all. Neither did I miss to think and plan for upcoming races. I was happy to just be. Going out in the mountains to keep me healthy. Not to improve.

December flew by as well. I was in mountains but I was not in the mood of training. But I enjoyed it a lot.

One part of me was thinking that this was a very comfortable everyday. Maybe I should just get back to fulltime work or studying something interesting? Put races away for a while. I think this is a part of the off season, you start to think about why you are doing what you are doing. You are not in the spinning wheel of racing, recovering, training, racing etc.

This part of me was also enjoying the state of my body. I felt my muscles go tinier, and the warming layer of winter fat covering my body. I liked it.

The other part of me wondered where the racing person had gone? Would I get my inspiration back?

I knew that it would come back. I have so many goals and so many things I want to improve as a runner and skier. I just needed to give it time.

In the end of December I still had not got the motivation back and the start of the World Cup was 10 days away. I started to train and when I had some days of good training my energy and motivation came back. I wanted to feel strong again! I had so many ideas about races both summer and winter and also projects and other goals!

Where I note my training I can see that started to train well again the 15 January. It´s much later then I had in mind. But sometimes you just need to give it time.

Right now I´m in a good state of mind. My body is happy, my mind is peaceful and eager to get stronger and my dreams and goals are motivating.


And the pleasure to see the shape is getting better it´s really motivating. And the worse shape you are in the faster you improve!


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