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Recipes from a mountain lover

Coconut and chocolate bars- Cocochoco

By January 16, 2015No Comments


I´m a big big fan of coconut. And chocolate. And the combination cocochoco. It´s perfect.

Here is a vegan, gluten, sugar free variation of the Bounty bar:

6 dl coconut flings

4-5 tablespoons coocnut oil

2 dl coconut milk (if you have coconut cream, take that instead!)

4-5 table spoon honey, maple syrup or raw sugar, whatever you prefer. I take what I have at home!

0.5 tea spoon salt

Mix the oil, milk, the sweet and the salt stir it until it´s smooth. If you need to warm the coconut oil to melt, do that!

Add the coconut flings. Stir it together.



Put it on a plate on baking paper, like that! And put it outside or in the fridge for some time Until it´s easy to cut in pieces.

The chocolate cover you can choose between milk chocolate, dark chocolate and if you make the cover yourself.

I use 230 gram of dark raw chocolate. Which I melt and dip the bars in.



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