The precious fragile shining life

By October 1, 2014 20 Comments

The sun was shining this morning when I got the sad news about two skiers in South America cought by an avalanche. Further we found out it was Andreas Fransson and JP Aucklair. I went on my morning run with a heavy feeling inside, thinking about their family’s and close ones.

Andreas was in the same circuit as I, we are Sweden born, we love mountains and we have many friends in common. He moved to the Alps, he worked for Salomon, he lived his passion.

The last years when people in the acquaintances disappeared forever into the mountains it has always been sad, and hard and always many thoughts. With Andreas it´s the same, but it feels a little closer.

When I go to mountains I try to be as prepared as possible, I valuate, I´m inside my comfort zone, and I´m pretty sure it´s the same for all of us mountain people. Sometimes it´s just not enough, something we can´t predict, some things that just goes wrong.

Some things we just can´t help, something bigger than knowledge and safety thinking and planning. And that is so unfair.

I know I can´t change my love to mountains and my passion to go there, even though in dark moments I´m thinking, is this worth the slightest risk? Sometimes I wish my only passion were to have a farm and grow vegetables and go for some easy running in small mountains. Sometimes I wish to tell Kilian not to go to mountains and that we should find different passions from the mountain ones we have now. But yes, to live is not the same if we don´t follow our passions.

Death will always be in our background or close by and the relation to it must be one of the hardest to handle. My father who passed away when I was a newborn is my first memory of death. My father was with us, but no longer on earth.

I guess somehow that has affected my way of living. The appreciation of life and to see how fragile our lives are. To try to make every day a good day no matter what. To see the light in the dark and to follow the light as far as we can. To make the best out of what we got.

Despite the injustice it is at least a little comfort, or maybe not, but it´s a thought that makes it´s easier to live, to know that all that past away to early, at least did something they really loved.





Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!

  • Sabrina

    Hi Emilie,
    you are totally right and it is very sad. I think about the same things like you – and always about the danger to move in the high mountains, but on the other way it´s our passion, how do we not moving in them?

    So hopefully we can move save at every time!


  • Mihai Tish

    There is a very beautiful short-film in which Andreas describes himself through what he does:

    . If you haven’t seen it i think you might like it. The words narrated over the video are exercepts from his blog. He was a genius.

  • David T

    “Mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous.”
    – Reinhold Messner

    • Johan C

      +1 for David
      Injustice and unfair seem Inappropriate when you are talking about free climbing or freeskiing on the most dangerous hills of the world. Hospitals, especially intensive care units are full of injustice.
      Here rise the question about the freedom not to follow Our passion as powerful as they can be.
      Addiction is probably in the field to. When Ueli Steck tries to describe the level of focus required for each move he makes because his life Is continuously in play, we can easily imagine the addiction resulting of this behaviour.

  • Eleonora

    R.I.P ragazzi…grandi guerrieri, grandi avventurieri e fieri esempi da seguire per gli amanti della montagna. Se anche lassù ci sono delle vette, sicuramente le staranno già scalando.

  • Luca

    We can’t live without our passions…

  • declan mcelroy

    Beautiful words Emilie and very true.

  • declan mcelroy

    Life is so precious,beautiful words from you Emilie.

  • Bestiamax

    I agree with you.

  • Thomas

    Hallo Emelie,

    we have to enjoy every second of our short existenz on this great planet. Things will happen and we may will never understand why.

    Kilians words are so right:

    “”We can’t be sure we’ll find it,
    but we’re going in search of happiness.
    Failing is not trying. Failing is not enjoying
    every step along the way. Failing is not feeling.
    There will be punches, there will be pain and goals
    far from met, but in no way can we fail if we make
    our own path, even if it doesn’t reach the top.”
    Kilian Jornet

    Take care Thomas

  • Amir

    At least they are gone doing what they so passionate about. They lived it to the total.

  • Madalena

    Hola Emelie
    Muy hermosas y sentidas tus palabras,creo que todos los que amamos la vida en la naturaleza y nos gustan las montañas,nos hacemos las mismas preguntas cuando algo asi acontece.
    De mi parte pienso que si uno no puede hacer y disfrutar lo que tanto ama la vida no tiene ningùn sentido.
    La vida ès muy corta,hay que disfrutarla y ser feliz mientras dure.
    Cuidate mucho!

  • J@umet

    Hi Emelie,
    “But yes, to live is not the same if we don´t follow our passions.”
    Beautiful words

  • Pete Frost

    Sadly, life always ends. The danger is not that we might die, but that we fail to live. No one could accuse your friends of failing to live. May their spirit live on within you, always.

  • Joan Manuel

    Your words are very sensible, we can feel your closeness with the friends. at the same time, it reminded me the fragile we are at the immensity of nature, hypothermia, the equipments that we use in the mountains and even injuries are part of the dark side of planning. Even so, we give more energy to things that fascinate us that these because ,rob us of dreams.

    it live once!!!!

  • Nati

    “to live is not the same if you don’t follow your passions”
    I feel exactly like this! To live in truth is to dare to follow our passions!

  • Barbara Conrad

    Beautiful and touching post, Emelie.
    I’m sorry for your loss of a friend 🙁

  • Erica

    Beautiful. Sending so much love and light to their families and all who loved them.

  • Jono

    Very nice words ,
    We must follow our hearts in order to be free and happy, as you and killian do! Your friends followed their hearts, where they are now they will be happy.

  • andreadugato

    if you sould have family with some baby, did you take the risks you’re taking, only saying, i’m following my passions?
    i think no! what you write, make evidence that you’re considering this, while others, make the same considerations inside, but go on anyway in the name of their passions
    but if passions means to take risk of your life, or to take a very high risk i mean, this doesn’t agreee with my feeling, and think that this is only self-love, egoism