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Thanks for making my dreams come true!

By December 25, 2013No Comments

The year has start to come to an end and when I start to look back I´m so thankful for every little moment. I have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people, I´ve seen so many new mountains and I´ve learned so much.

I have and the possibility to choose some sponsors I really like and appreciate to co op with.

Salomon- No words are really needed. Salomon is a heartily mountain brand. They where the ones who really opened my eyes 19 months ago when they asked if I wanted to try a sky running race. Now we work well together!

SEAT- Sweden. I have the opportunity to drive their SEAT Leon when I´m home. Small but still big enough car to take me safe to mountains when I can´t run there. Also it is very gas economic which I appreciate a lot. I could not have been able to drive a safe and economic car whiteout them.

Suunto- There watches and the way the manage their athletes is so good and I´m so proud to be a part of this!

Clif bar- Finally I have found a nutrition brand which I´m really love. They have so many organic and natural bars so I almost don´t need to bake them myself. Their philosophy about nature and sports is something I stand for.

Grivel- With the equipment they support me with (ice axes, crampons, ice screws and so on) make me develop myself in icy and winter conditions in mountains, which is a goal I have. I love to be a part of this small friendly family!


And to the last, it´s not about sponsors, it is about life. About exploring. And it is so many ways to do that. The biggest thank you is to all of you who give me so much love!






Mountain athlete, trail runner and ski mountaineer. Writer,mum and Co- founder of Living on a small farm in the Norwegian fjordlands!