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By July 1, 2012 One Comment

och klar för Kilians Classic!

Ska bli fint att möta de några av de härligaste av de härliga. Lära. Springa! Jag vet inte alls schemat för denna vecka, då min gamla mail, där jag haft all info har raderats.. Så det blir en surprise.

Tävlingen den 7 juli är antingen 45 eller 25 km. Tror jag kör 45. Bra träning. För psyket och näringsintag, och kännedom om allt som hör längre tävlingar till.

Spring spring!



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  • Matt

    I have discovered you at the half of the Kilian Classic Trail … happy and smiling …
    (picture 1)*
    You said, finishing the ascent, you liked the landscapes, I have thought I liked your presence… Another word about your delay from Kilian, you were already gone, running against the massif Carlit.
    (picture 2)*
    I went down a bit by cutting the course, a little in love, so much energy in this pretty little lady. And what a surprise to recroiser again your race … It was in a technical descent, you hovered, always smiling … I wanted to say anything, but I limited encouragement at “allééééé”- I did not want to distract you in your fast speed on this passage technique.
    A few seconds later I noticed you yet, deep down on a flat part, running with this energy so astonishing that I had already noticed!
    Your race was captivating … here I went again with renewed vigor, towards the finish! By cutting back, it must pass. I spoke to a guy on the final part of the race, you’re not yet passed. The time to look up, and here you were, always fast, always smiling …
    (picture 3)*
    Down this path, it was the arrival. Great win!

    And delighted to have discovered you, crossing your way in Pyrenees !

    *I would send you the 3 pictures with a private link if you want… 🙂