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One of the goals

By December 22, 2016January 5th, 2018No Comments

that I think of when I lack motivation or inspiration to train, or when I just want to bring some extra light into a dark December day is what I will do during some weeks during March and April.

I want to follow my plan to stop racing after the World Championship in Italy in March, and the carrot to do that is to think about what I will be able to do during those weeks at home!

First of course training, I want and need to keep strong for the summers races. And speaking of that I will start to run slowly after the winter, not like I normally rush into the season with an ultra one week after the last ski race.. This is a smart plan. To focus a tiny bit more on running after march but still be able to explore more of the mountains around here. And to do races in Norway and Sweden.

Second carrot:

To make the garden bigger. That also means that i want to build some small boxes to create some small greenhouses with old windows, plant seeds indoors so they are bigger when I put them out, and all other outdoor work that needs to be done.

And to tell you the truth, the second carrot is the biggest one..

And speaking about carrots, I don´t know if this applies on english as well to have a carrot as a goal?

What a goal for an athlete ha? 🙂


My veggie garden is somewhere in-between my feets 🙂




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