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It is time to be tired

By October 21, 2015No Comments

I have been writing about my weeks in between seasons And how much I love the,. Actually so much so I play in my mind about only having one season.. But which one would I choose? Imagine how much time to train a lot, to get stronger and also take some breaks in-between!

Anyhow. I have been so tired these weeks when I let the season go and before I start the winter for real. Of course I have been training, but I have never really felt strong.

Coming to peace with that, that it´s not important to feel strong, it´s not the time for it makes peace for the mind.Because when you have been strong for so many months, it is ok to feel weak. And not fight it. Let yourself be week for as long as it is needed.

Thats what I´m doing now. I´m feeling week, but that is ok.




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