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again. How much I love to just be home. It does´t matter where I go I always long to get home again. Though it has changed, some years ago I could spend months away from where my home was, then home could be where I had my climbing shoes (in a car in Indian creek or on my feet).


Anyway, we came home late last night to a Valley that was green! No snow!


When we woke up it was a winterland! What a timing and good luck! It took a whole thought o take away 1 meter of snow. And it only continues!

After some snow shoveling we reached to take a small ski session before the dark. Jisses I don´t feel in a good shape. I don´t have to many ski days before we went to Aconcagua (I´ll probably write a little about this another time, overall, great experience!) because of the lack of snow! I will not complain, I guess I just need to make some really hard days before the first world cup begins. Which is in 2 weeks..! Can I get in a good shape..? To be continued..

Cheers from the sofa at home. Time for a hot chocolate!




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  • Mel

    Oh home, it’s such a nice passage to read and see how we all appreciate the warmth of not a “house”, but of the familiarity of “home”, especially for such a worldly explorer as you!